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Empowering Sexual Trauma Survivors

"Soul of a Woman" Show

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"Soul of a Woman" show Tuesday​ Nights

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SEASON 2 Begins on January 5th, 2023!

As a survivor of long-term sexual abuse and domestic violence, Founder & President April Poyorena takes you along with her as she maintains her emotional healing while teaching practical ways to begin your own journey after sexual and/ or domestic violence trauma. Whether you've opened up about your trauma, are still gathering the courage to speak up, or are looking for ways to support a survivor in your own life, you are in the right place to begin your journey to emotional healing.



Sexual Abuse My Story

April takes the platform in this episode of "Soul of a Woman" as she opens up about the sexual abuse and domestic violence she endured and how she overcame the obstacles it presented in her life. From victim to survivor, learn about how she transformed her life through the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Don't miss this up close and personal monolog as she takes you through her journey of emotional healing using the healing power of Christ

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