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Empowering Sexual Trauma Survivors


If you suffer from the trauma of sexual abuse this recovery group is specialized just for YOU! Join us as we unpack our heavy baggage and learn how to love ourselves as Jesus loves us. This is a SAFE SPACE. Our recovery group is a closed, private, and confidential group that allow us to open up about our experiences and begin or continue the journey to emotional healing after sexual trauma. We memorize Bible verses together, encourage one another through open group sharing, and learn who Jesus says we are. Whether you’re a believer or not sure about all this “Jesus stuff”, you are welcome and loved without judgment or condemnation. We are confident that no matter where you are in your journey, you will walk away with a better understanding of yourself, be encouraged, and make new friends who understand you. All stories are confidential and kept within the recovery group. In person women's group starting soon near you! Look below for more information!





Shield of God's Survivor-Led

Women's Sexual Trauma Recovery Group 

Will begin meeting Saturdays in

Fontana, California

Begin your journey to emotional healing with our president & fellow survivor, April Poyorena, as she leads our in-person women's recovery group in Fontana, CA! We will meet every Saturday morning for 13 weeks to discuss and process our workbook curriculum. Learn new coping strategies, who God says you are as His beautiful daughter, how to connect with God and others, and meet other women who understand you. Healing after sexual trauma can be a scary and isolating but it doesn't have to be. Join us and other women just like you as we embark on emotional healing through the power of the Holy Spirit. You ARE in the right place to begin your journey to emotional healing.  

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